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Plan 1 For The Basic Fundamental 1 to 2 Page Site
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from $16.95   
Plan 2 The Most Popular Plan for Almost Anyone's Needs
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Plan 3 Complete functionality with Shopping Carts, online Credit Card Acceptance And Total Monitoring
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Custom Programming and Design, including some from outside sources
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At "FiberHosting" Affordable Web Hosting Services.

Our goal is to provide fast, reliable and secure domain hosting services for your website or Personal Domain Home Page at a reasonable cost. FiberHosting.Com is devoted to offering the highest quality service, and save you money by providing only the services you need most to support your website.

We provide PHP3, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle 8i, FrontPage extensions, Secure Server (SSL), Server Side Includes (SSI), Secure Shell (PuTTY), Secure Copy, Your Own CGI-BIN, Your Own Mail Lists and News Letters, Dual/Mirrored Boot Drive (Absolutely Zero Down Time), Redundant Back Up (Hard Drives, not Tape Drives), Excelent Support 24/7 and of course FiberHosting's "ADMIN" Control Panel (by "Plesk") where you can add, delete and control your own email, ftp accounts, password protected directories and all aspects of your website INSTANTLY!

We have the capability available to meet your expanding needs. FiberHosting.Com is "Switched" not "Shared" directly to the OC12/OC48 Fiber Optic Internet Backbone. Providing the widest possible bandwidth available ANYWHERE!

Whether small or large, our website hosting services will be customized to meet your needs. Our offices are located in Key Largo and Orlando Florida (in the United Sates of America).

We are dedicated to providing you with the personal service and the tools you need to develop and enhance your very own domain right here on the internet.

We Sincerely strive to provide the "Best, Fastest, Most Secure and Reliable Virtual Hosting Services available on the Internet ANYWHERE!

What IS "Virtual Hosting"?

Virtual Web Site Hosting is a method used by many web page hosting services to conserve on the supply of IP addresses. By using "Virtual Hosting" rather than "Conventional Hosting" several individual "Domain" names or "Web Pages" can be hosted on the same server's IP addresses to save the vastly dwindling supply of IP address numbers available under the currently adopted Numbering Scheme set up long ago by "ICANN" before the "Internet" got to be such a popular and accepted phenomina. At "FiberHosting" We offer both "Virtual" and "Numbered" (With your own "Static" IP address) Hosting Services.

FiberHosting Network is Switched not Shared,
Into an "OC12"/"OC48" Fiber Optic Internet Backbone
Not just a "T1", "T3", or "OC3"

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